PHISO is a legal body registered under the number 239/054/55 It is recognized by the Government of Nepal and tax-exempted.


From the Founder President

First of all, I heartily appreciate to those who had assisted in those entire holy tasks, by the accumulation of their virtuous deed by helping to found the "Experimental Pre-primary School" at Golla village, in Solukhumbu. And a very hearty thanks to all the generous sponsors to the children studying in Experimental Pre-primary School without whom it would not have been possible to give a smooth run of the school administration and daily activities. Equally, my hearty thanks to the volunteers who assisted voluntarily in teaching and transforming their knowledge to the children, teacher and people of Golla.
There are social organisations, but all are concentrated in the major cities and in those places where access is easy. But the Peekye Hill Social Organisation, since the year 1998, is working in a rural area which is inaccessible without a determined plan. This organisation is mainly working on the development of education. But it is also working as an umbrella organisation for all the development activities of the Peekye Hill Region.
My dream is to save the pure environment of the rural societies, their culture, religion and way of life and equally giving the education so that they can understand the importance of their regular practices and behaviour and make better with modern knowledge. And of course, the upliftment of their living standard by making them active participants in national income sources and by letting know them what they have in their territory and benefited from them.
Interested individuals/organisations can write to me at or to our team at for any information or queries.
Thank You.
Kami Sherpa