PHISO is a legal body registered under the number 239/054/55 It is recognized by the Government of Nepal and tax-exempted.

Build a primary school at Golla villages

The Peekye Hill Social Organization (PHISO) helped to build a primary school at Golla village of Solukhumbu district. In this village, the primary school is in a distance of at least 40 minutes to two hours, each way, and high school in a distance of minimum 3 hours walk one way. So the young children below 8 years stay in the village without study because of the distance that they cannot cross through the forest. The parents of this area, because of the burden of work, cannot give time to drop and pick up their children to and from school. To help all those parents and the children, this organization has launched a primary school named 'Experimental Pre-Primary School' in the heart of this isolated village. Today the children are sent to school from the age of 3 years, and the parents are delighted because their children are in a school, receiving education.