PHISO is a legal body registered under the number 239/054/55 It is recognized by the Government of Nepal and tax-exempted.

PHISO is helping in reconstructions

PHISO is helping in reconstructions.


1. Peekye Hill Social Organisation accomplished undertaking a topographic survey of the whole village of Golla to develop an appropriate building design with an earthquake-resistant structure. 


2. Peekye Hill Social Organisation conducted a study of structural defect of the buildings which did not resist the 2015 April 25 (7.8 magnitudes) and 2015 May 12 (7.3 magnitudes) earthquakes. The study area covered Jiri, Shivalya, Bandar and Golla villages. The study was helped by Mr Xavier Codina, President of Architect Without Boarder, from Spain. The final report of the research and new design suggestion is distributed in the above areas and also to those interested to apply the same technical methods for new construction in the rural regions.


3. Peekye Hill Social Organisation is helping locals in designing new earthquake-resistant houses that suit the culture and geography of the village and can utilize local material and human resources that reduce the cost. We believe this kind of design will preserve culture, generate employment and save villagers’ hard-earned money.


4. Peekye Hill Social Organisation is planning on safe drinking water supply and how to use the same water supply for firefighting, proper toilet and sewage disposal system to promote health, sanitation and safety of the local people and environment.


5. Peekye Hill Social Organisation is providing awareness on preservation of cultural heritage and environment, equal ownership and responsible use of natural resources.