PHISO is a legal body registered under the number 239/054/55 It is recognized by the Government of Nepal and tax-exempted.

Published a Sherpa language Dictionary and conversation book

This organization also emphasizes to conserve language and cultural values. Recently it has published a Sherpa language Dictionary named "Shewi Chhik Dzo", Sherpa song called "Dhakpi Sherwi Lu" and also a "Dhakpi Sherwi Tamnye", conversation in Sherpa Language, readable in 3 languages - Sherpa, English and Nepali. Above products is distributed in Nepal, Japan and America, among the Sherpa living in above countries.
The dictionary "Sherwi Tshik Dzho", the first Sherpa Language Dictionary is also published in three languages (Sherpa, English & Nepali). The dictionary and Sherpa conversation book is mainly dedicated to all the Sherpa communities residing in different parts of the World and to all those who are interested in Sherpa language and culture.
Any suggestion from anybody to upgrade this dictionary and conversation is highly appreciated. All the advice for further development of this dictionary and conversation book will be collected in and will publish in new editions every two years. In every three years, PHISO will present a completed part of the Sherpa language dictionary.