PHISO is a legal body registered under the number 239/054/55 It is recognized by the Government of Nepal and tax-exempted.


Peekye Hill Social Organization (PHISO) was founded to improve the condition of people of Hilly Regions in education and economy. Nepal being a mountainous country, its 44% of the people live in the hills, scattering widely, clustered into small hamlets. And most of them (communities/areas) suffer from the food deficits, illiteracy and lack of school facilities. To fight with the above problem, PHISO launches the following activities in different parts of Nepal.

  • Launching primary Schools and adult literacy classes
  • Managing free education, educational material and other basic needs
  • Help in economic uplift through tourism.
  • Help to develop the Peekye Hill Region as one of the shortest tourism destinations to view the Mount Everest
  • Providing cooking and housekeeping training to the local people to enable them to take part in the tourism sector.
  • Providing different community-based training to enable them to take part in income-generating activities.
  • Creating the environment of mutual cooperation, peace and harmony in local societies.
  • Aware new generations about the benefit of conserving their language, costume and culture.
  • Preserving and restoring the ancient Buddhist stupas and numerous mani-walls at Likhu Peekye village development areas of Chaulakharka, Dunda, Namdingma, Gepchuka and Golla to Peekye areas. 
  • Preserving the language, costume and culture of the Sherpa communities which are endangered by the domination of major ethnical groups.
To meet above activities, PHISO is launching different Charity Programs in Local communities and in its Capital Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal. Local and international volunteers are encouraged in taking roles in workshops in the village/regional level. PHISO is trying to be self-sufficient from the charities and donors of different organisations within Nepal. But any organisations and individuals, interested in taking part in this good cause are most welcome. PHISO has maintained all required criteria under the government and social welfare council and warm relation with national and international donors and well-wishers.
We are committed to helping the needy, and we will do that tirelessly!