PHISO is a legal body registered under the number 239/054/55 It is recognized by the Government of Nepal and tax-exempted.

Planning and Evaluation Program

Every September the faculty meets to review the curriculum, achievements of the students, discuss on the gaps and come to a result oriented solutions. Based on the assessment changes are made in December and reviewed in February. In addition the administration meets weekly to review any concerns they may have. If the concerns need the attention of the faculty the Friday meeting is used for this purpose.  We use our School Management Committee (SMC) to review issues of concern or interest regarding student achievement as well as the faculty wellbeing once in three months. The School Management Committee comprise of a parent of a student, VDC President, District Education Area In-charge, Local elderly and principle of the school. The PHISO Board Directors and the SMC reviews the yearly goals and our progress towards these goals at its monthly meetings. At the final Board Meeting of the year written progress report is presented.