PHISO is a legal body registered under the number 239/054/55 It is recognized by the Government of Nepal and tax-exempted.

future programme

1. Peekye Hill Social Organisation will help to reconstruct the Golla village. And also will work on planning to give an urban design to this village. The first phase plans are:


2. Peekye Hill Social Organisation will help in creating an information centre where one can send and receive emails and use internet service. To call / Online call and receive calls to and from anywhere in the World.


3. Peekye Hill Social Organisation will help to upgrade the internal village walking trails with a cycle able pathways.


4. Peekye Hill Social Organisation is working on awakening and empowering the villagers for tourism enhancement and to achieve the goal, it is launching following programs

  • Provide necessary information on civil rights, human rights, personal health, hygiene & sanitation, the importance of better hospitality,
  • Energise people for the change in their living status, ways and steps of better treatment with the guests,
  • Aware the general public on the importance of foreign as well domestics tourists to increase their livelihood, 
  • Energise to local people to establish and run service delivery enterprises under their management,
  • Create such a situation to feel general public ownership on tourism development and feel the need for maximum tourist-attracting service delivery establishments eternally,
  • Identify existing natural and other resources in their village development committee boundary, develop and protect them so that these works would entertain maximum tourists and environmental benefits,
  • Support/co-ordinate potential entrepreneurs to establish service delivery establishment,
  • Encouraging the general public to co-ordinate, interact, problem identify and solve common issues related to tourism development,
  • Provide basic knowledge about why tourists use to come to their village.
  • Providing basic knowledge about why foreign and local tourist sees the quality and hygienic food.